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The Cutting Edge of Health & Wellness Technology

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Fun is what happens when YOU experience Fun Fit Vibe. YOU feel better immediately as your body enjoys new energy from our people & our POWER PLATE. It is EASY & FITNESS sneaks up on YOU while YOU are having FUN. Note the emphasis on YOU. YES we utilize the cutting edge in fitness technology-ACCELERATION training which activities your quick twitch muscle fibers but most importantly you catch a healthy VIBE or lifestyle which encourages you to be proactive about your overall health. Health through Strength is our motto & yes anyone can do it!!! If you get a little bit stronger you can do things you did last year, keep with us & get a lot stronger & you will get your life back & do things you did in your youth.


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Hope and Health through Strength & Nutrition

“Local Coaches Helping Local People” HEALTH & FITNESS – what our body needs!!!!!

Everyone can come up with a reason “to” exercise and “not to” exercise. Fun Fit Vibe will demonstrate how Fun it can be – which makes your doctor ecstatic! ALL of the following life threatening diseases can be controlled and overcome by exercise. Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, emphysema. Using the Power Plate is the easiest way to get back on track. Whole body vibration naturally increases gravity by accelerating the platform you stand, sit or lie on. Literally we can sit & crochet & get your muscles stronger.

Nutrition is a huge factor – Sharon Lawrence will show you how to improve your diet to accelerate your fitness program with Fun Fit Vibe. With a little help and a push in the right direction we can all be eating better and losing those pesky pounds we just can’t seem to shed. And again make your doctor visits natural success stories – rather than trying another drug.

Having trouble with your golf swing – WE CAN HELP!!!!

Need to be a little more steady on your feet – WE CAN HELP!!!!

Want to lose a few pounds – WE CAN HELP!!!!